Friday, March 13, 2020

I Heard What Was Said!! (Part Three)

Reflecting, doing the knowledge on this Flashback Friday!! on the mothership? getting good mileage,  soon I'll flash back to the future..

Deflecting like I'm playing that full court pressure defense, not projecting as a defense mechanism like Trump as I take it back to the future..

Disrespecting? I heard what was said!! I felt the pressure per the O-Dog track!!  naysayers mentioned the awkward clockwork...

Disconnecting after I heard what was said? naw, we proceed to give you what you need!! we proceed and continue!! plans made for our demise? the plot or scheme will not work...

No weapons formed against us will work or prosper per Isaiah 54:17, even though 2020 has been a rough years so far!! we even find out the real meaning of March Madness even though the NCAA canceled their version of it..

Weaponized coronavirus leaked from labs in Wuhan? a player asked me, whatcha know man? I Heard What Was Said / I Could See What They're Saying / some were clocking dough like Juan March Ordinas in the midst of the madness!! I spotted how they're working it..

Not surprised by this, I Heard What Was Said but usually minding and tending is the strategy; but actually, some think they're face to face with a crook!

But breakbeat science is being dropped!! some didn't understand, but I never quit or stopped! persistent like Russian bots on Twitter and Facebook?

But now I'm back; haters? they'll face bars and hook lines!! O-Dizzle has his own beats; bear witness to the Street Funk.

Breakbeat Scientists are still doing business like scientists studying the coronavirus!! even though we were caught out there, plans fizzled but it's on again!! we're putting it down like this!! God doesn't make junk!

In the hood jokers are talking about "that rona"; from another perspective per Flashback Friday? ATLiens mentioned  getting crunk; the Bay Area called it getting stoopid or Hyphy!

What's good? what's hood? the next dramatic episode? it's on again!! coping strategies failing them and those!!  truth be told;  what will the hype be?

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