Tuesday, March 31, 2020

I Heard What Was Said!! (Part Five)

We're laying it down like it's brand new carpet; it's going down on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday..

Being realistic? things can go either way!! I heard what was said!! please do the math / arithmetic soon jumping to conclusions / recognizing patterns!! realizing? we'll have to pray!!

Being realistic? I heard what was said, now a dude will pray then claim the terrific outcome after taking action!! pulling out the drum for the celebration!!

Being realistic? I heard what was said so I'm not being loud or boisterous because we're out here dealing with this coronavirus!! we'll use this platform for motivation...

Motivating the masses losing their poise in these situations!! check our digital crate digging and O-Dog Day Party platform, plus we're Sunday Jazzing...

Hating on the masses? March is coming to a close, rent and mortgages due on April the 1st , relief for my people delayed by corporate thirst? what's up son? soon some will be spazzing!!

Soon busting loose with this like Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers?  nobody will work with us!! in fact? Dekalb County Georgia authorities had the Chevy Impala pulled over on Memorial Drive searching  for contraband!

I heard what was said / Its going down!! rocking a FUBU 05 hat and an old Phat Farm polo jokers said I'm not a fashionista;  but knowing damn well drama will visit another!! please!! did the knowledge, we're hip to Sandinista and Iran Contra man!

I heard what was said / Its going down!! Iran still a threat while North Korea is still cutting up with their nuclear program man!! some things never change!

I heard what was said  / Its going down!!   Brand Nu? mentioned by Soopasoul with Nikeya Booker, so who's acting brand new with ya? .some said we're acting strange?

I heard what was said / Its going down!!  in danger zones / attack zones  I  roll through, tried to throw up the peace sign but shots were fired at me!

In the midst of the madness? O-Dizzle is throwing down!! beats bang in these zones as long as the warranty hasn't expired on me!

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