Wednesday, March 11, 2020

I Heard What Was Said!! (Part Two)

My ears were tingling while I was out there mingling; damn!! so what it do? I Heard What Was Said!!

My fears? some were still clinging to the past, wanting to take it back to what it was; MAGA? I heard what was said!!

...something about Keep America Great Again per Trump fronting down here in Atlanta at the CDC?  some empowered so America can hate again?

Armchair quarterbacking, handing the ball off to Mike Pence to fight the coronavirus?  so how will we play this? this Humpday Extravaganza is what the venture is rebuking those adventurous; even though we have global warming they'll skate on thin ice again!

We're back up in this thing, dipping down I-20 in Atlanta; who'll understand a bruh? but I heard what was said!! naysayers said we're on missions that were impossible!!

We're back up in this thing! slipping into darkness like the track by War per this Humpday Extravaganza?  my constituents crowd these Atlanta streets during the rush hour, said its all about the money!!  but some made negative impressions due to their arrogance, they were fronting / flexing somebody mentioned pretentious;  that's where they lost a bro!

I heard what was said, plus spotted those waiting in the dark / misled!  spotted others tripping, what were they flossing for? owing Corporate America their heart and soul!

Throwback Thursday reference? the clause in the Contract With America  was embedded by Newt Gingrich!!  what's the deal with it? shadetree mechanics fronted like Mr. Good Wrench!!  didn't you see how they roll?

I Can See What They're Saying, plus I heard what was said!! who's trying to take control? an abundance of caution is exercised!! we're chilling out trying to keep calm and stay fly with this!!

How did we try to roll? I said we're chilling out but  thought and fashion police tried to monitor!! they said we we're too fly with this!

I heard what was said, truth be told? we didn't lie with this / serious with this!! there's spiritual significance in this operation, its similar to the Winans

......Out on Panola Rd in Stonecrest Georgia?   dude rode by in the Buick Regal jamming!! I heard French Montana, Rick Ross and Drake whining!

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