Monday, March 9, 2020

I Heard What Was Said!! (Part One)

Mentioned earlier that I Could See What They're Saying!! things went south after some ran their mouth; I heard what was said!!

Jokers said remain calm / move along / nothing to see here concerning the coronavirus; they were like Larry Kudlow, he  mentioned buy the dip /  buy low; I heard what was said!!

Whats the deal with it? keep your eye on the stock market jokers will try to spark it from all fronts,  mental /  physical / spiritual hitting all locations!  East and West Coast / Midwest and Dirty South!! actually it's worldwide from Italy to China!! I can see my folks are under attack.

What's the deal with it? what's the response from these brothas? check the steady bombardment of the enemy position with the Sonic Assault!! please!! this is the rebuttal as we fought back!

What's the deal with it? I heard what was said, jokers will blast off rounds like it's Lenox Mall here in Atlanta; it's like little homie back in the day that  was caught going back on sacred grounds, on that Indiana Jones tip? 

..or maybe Lara Croft Tomb Raider style;  what's up y'all? the shady hobbies /  arts and crafts made him cross the bridge from Louisville to Clarksville Indiana; he had to dip!

Whats up with ya they ask me? I heard what was said!! told them I was about to spaz / flip because some have the story twisted!

Drunk like the corporate exec that had the flask of Kentucky brown liquor hidden in their blazer along with the weapon?  now the drama is revisited.

Just like a family reunion? I heard what the kinfolk said!!  the pot liquor from the collard greens was supposed to be healthy.

At South Dekalb Mall in Decatur dude asked me if I needed any weed / pot I told him not! but these brothas will proceed and continue!!  breakbeat science and mathematics are on the menu!! bear witness to what stealth will be..

Rocking these venues, but I heard what was said based on the latest scheme / plot!!  naysayers will spread fake news / propaganda like they're Russian bots on social media..

Rocking these venues, but I heard what was said! these players will use it as fuel for the mothership; earlier this morning stared into the Virgo Full Moon, encouraging us to get over it now we're moving forward!!  not letting them impede a brotha!!

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