Saturday, March 14, 2020

Chillin' On East Blvd - retro soul & funky hip hop beats

Check us out!! this is the Saturday Night Fever of my Digital Crate Digging Continues series..

Wreck us out? who's driving the vehicle, keep your eyes on them!! menus and meals  from Hells Kitchen lack nutrition, those chefs lack ambition, results mirror these..

...wait; didn't give those chefs enough credit; they're good at chaos and mayhem like the Coronavirus pandemic; similar to jokers fighting over /  buying all the milk, water and toilet paper from Wal Mart and Target..

Most buying that stuff on credit, who has the savings / cash flow; cash is low, flash it though? you'll become a mark or a target..

Not just in the hood but to other nefarious ones up to know good; Coronavirus a New World Order tool or downfall?

So what's good? we developed various ways and means / methods to the madness to combat this; we're down for the cause ya'll..

So what's good? this word that's dropped plus the sound per this Chillin' On East  Blvd - retro soul & funky hip hop beats courtesy of Stay See...

Check out the playlist and the mix, this is how it's going down!! we're chilling out dropping this breakbeat science / this is how we roll over here on the East Side of Atlanta /  on the boulevard / out in these streets!! somebody will understand me / feel me..

Tracklist 00:00 mr.stee - Ashley Schaeffer BMW 02:45 Korey Wade - Nice 04:47 Marleau - The Supreme Moment 07:40 Bonus Points - Supertouch (ft. Guggenz) 10:25 Jubriiel - Cosmo & Wanda's Weed Stash 12:28 OPAQUE - No More Rainy Days 13:32 James Landau - Made It Through 15:40 OPAQUE - Infinite 17:28 Marleau - A Chance Encounter in the Foyer 20:22 James Landau - Element of Change 22:37 James Landau - Southern Gulf 25:30 mr.stee - greatest magic trick of all time 28:42 Marleau - Don't Watch Me Watch TV 31:24 Guggenz - The Simple Things

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