Monday, March 23, 2020

I Heard What Was Said!! (Part Four)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday, your dude was O-Dog Day Partying earlier...

Now moving on to other things after I Heard What Was Said!!  now we've got other work to do..

Not moving on like Trump wants to do, reopening the country after coronavirus concerns..

...saying the "cure cannot be worse than the problem";  part of the solution or part of the problem? a fool soon learns..

As the world turns like soap operas check the ongoing dramas, can't blame the phantoms in these operas; please!! jokers are in front of us trying to front on us!!  I heard what was said!!

As the world turns, it's  like over in the UK and France check the coronavirus lockdowns; meanwhile  we'll lock this down like security; we weren't misled..

Locking it down more than the old school security guard with a bunch of keys, a flashlight and a walkie - talkie; I Heard What Was Said!! naw!! it's not me..

Rocking the sound!! old school / new school / next school,  plus following a hunch per the insight dropped!! it's on me...

Knocking me down / knocking my hustle?  I was trying to drop science like Dr. Anthony Fauci but a bruh wasn't blending in!! thought and fashion police were even  tripping because a bruh always rocks denim!

Levis / Sean John / old school Phat Farm, your dude even has Wal Mart George's, JC Penney's Arizona or some old school Value City Nevadas!! I wasn't tripping!

Revising plots and schemes rebuking the apparatus devising plots and schemes, like "wannabe"  increased  DOJ powers per the coronavirus? not a threat like the Sinaloa Cartel  with ill teams out in Arizona or California.

Krogers / Publix and  Big Lots get hit up with schemes to buy up all the toilet paper, bleach and ammonia  and face masks!! soon authorities were all up on ya!

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