Wednesday, March 4, 2020

I Can See What They're Saying (Part Ten)

It's going down per this segment called the HumpDay Extravaganza; broadcasting live  on this rainy day in Atlanta...

Getting over the hump? All my constituents are eligible for it like Joe Biden winning Super Tuesday!! some can see what I'm saying, they'll understand a brotha!!

Did they understand another? who had the story twisted? not Jim Clyburn he dropped science on them as the drama is revisited!! meanwhile jokers continue to argue trying to convince someone else that they were right!! 

I can see what they're saying!! but territories experience hostile takeovers like it's gentrification; or more like Texas voter suppression!!  the natives are restless they'll have to stand up and fight!

Old girl down here in Georgia said "I know dats right"  with the Newport cigarette from the green pack hanging out of her mouth!! over at the Shell gas station  in Decatur Georgia she scratched off lottery tickets at the corner store casino!

Whats the business? will we handle it or will it handle us? what will the plot or scheme be?  please!! some can see what I'm saying!! in response  O-Dizzle dropped funk, hip hop, plus jazz that was acid like amino!

During the ongoing spiritual warfare?  I had to blast on a gringo like we were over in  Afghanistan fighting the Taliban!! so much for a peace agreement all these jokers were acting different!

As we go there!! O-Dizzle will blast the sound! drums played like Ringo Starr; O-Zone is like all the planets in Capricorn, usually out beyond the moons, planets and stars as these earthlings think he's belligerent!

As we go there!! plans fizzle, the mothership ran aground then we sparred with the arch nemesis on the premises..

As we go there!! what's the dizzle? what's up with it? some won't understand it, like the GOP saying Bernie Sanders is making empty promises? 

Somebody will understand us, they can see what we're saying so we'll keep playing...

I can see what they're saying, how they're playing; throughout it all we'll keep praying..

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