Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Outback Chronicles (Another Spring Training / Spring Cleaning Edition)

Concepts are revisited, as we drop these Outback Chronicles related  to the Spring Equinox..

Neocons and their moves are revisited 16 years after Iraq  but we have the gist of it / the knack ; spring training / spring cleaning will be a factor, O-Dizzle is not an actor the dude does his thing; he'll rock..

He'll come with the grooves as Digital Crate Digging Continues, especially on this Throwback Thursday..

Reflecting on past moves? O-Zone was digging through internal files in his mind realizing my kind are still hungry / thirsty...

Practicing stewardship of this zone the Lord blessed me with; digging up / disturbing the earth so seeds can be planted; feeding the hungry / thirsty? we'll see, deer, rabbits and squirrels are like the arch nemesis on the premises..

Acting brand new with it like Trump wanting Robert Mueller's report released to the public? or maybe speaking up, asking questions like Clarence Thomas?

Acting like we knew, beats bump and this good word is dropped in response to this and that!! no need to question us like Hope Hicks..

Acting like we knew, getting over the hump like it's the middle of the week; chores / repairs around the house we tweak; mentioned seeds planted, a Harvest for the World like Isley Brothers per Throwback Thursday? we'll hope and pray  for it...

Who's hating, acting brand new with me as I float down the stream of consciousness? outback I hear the birds chirping and the crows crowing, it sounds like they're talking junk as I navigate through the Babylon wilderness without GPS!

Who's hating, acting brand new with me as I float down the stream of consciousness? outback breathing God's breath and soaking up the sunshine trying to match my intuition with God's will; but you know these earthlings will stress!

Red cardinals we're outback tweeting / chirping  trying to "holla atcha homie"  from Louisville, they knew the deal!! he's dealing with the madness!! please!! it's rough out here!! but due to this spring training / spiring cleaning dude said he had a strategy!

Appetites are curbed after the scene was observed;  it's fresh batches that we come with..didn't embrace the confusion / we knew how that would be!

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