Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Staying On Point PT.9

Check out this HumpDay Extravaganza!! we're still out here on I-20 in Atlanta!! staying on point!!! it's going down from Conyers on the east side to Douglasville on the west side..

Who'll understand a brotha who's staying on point? not caught out there like R Kelly, or Bill Cosby or even John Conyers; O-Zone? he knows the deal!! for freedom? I still ride..

Oh yes!! I still ride!! staying on point, dipping through, acting like I knew!! based on Louisville / Newburg upbringings I was rolling in a Cut Dog or Buick Regal.

...or old school Toyota Camry or Honda Accord;  rolling like immigrants in Doraville, Chamblee or Clarkston Georgia trying to dodge ICE agents!! they understand me!! staying one step ahead of a legal eagle.

They understand / they know; back in the day? down here in Georgia, dodging agents of Sonny Perdue, Nathan "Shady " Deal and now election stealing Brian Kemp; who will deceive you?

Change agents like the wind blowing leaves from trees after I already raked the yard? or like tornadoes blowing through Alabama, Lord Help!! is this what achievement will do?

Fakers are scarred from previous episodes, some misinterpreted street codes? talented like  Lebron James and the LA Lakers  but still losing!! now per so called Trump tax cuts making amends like tax return filers.

Wrote this at four o clock on a Sunday afternoon, finishing it up for this Humpday Extravaganza!! it's not Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday but check out what the style was..

Four o clock on a Sunday afternoon?  once prime time for Shawnee Park "playa players"  cruising down Broadway in Louisville!! these days? deacons in corners said the amens.

Now down in Atlanta like Prime Time Deion Sanders once was, rocking number 21!! but I still see red  number 7 Mike Vick jerseys while cruising through Atlanta trying to work these / making amends.. down in Atlanta staying on point, some understand a brotha, others say I'm not the one they'll  anoint; maybe because I wasn't dealing with these wannabe macks and divas.

Staying on point, but I didn't understand some; damn, the game has changed!!   jokers were operating like 7 footers shooting three- pointers and fall away jump shots instead of posting!!!  I'm not down with non believers!

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