Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Staying On Point PT.10

It's going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way..

That's why we're staying on point!! dropping this good word and the music will play!!

...plus we'll keep it moving after we pray, this is how we'll play!! getting breakbeat scientific!! a strategy for Living In America per James Brown..

This is how we'll play, but bumping heads with fanatics!! Childish Gambino said This is America!! remixed by Kenny Dope and Louie Vega; this is how we'll get down..

A veteran now coaching as Armageddon is approaching, but teams like the Lebron James and the LA Lakers are struggling!! I told my team to run the pick and roll.

What were you getting? we're staying on point we're not playing games with these fakers!! check out this by product from the stream of consciousness; the good word, brand new funk / rock  / jazz / hip hop and soul.

This is the way we roll!! staying on point!! we're not the ones society will anoint so we stay breakbeat scientific doing the forensics..

Opposition is met from the thought and fashion police; CSI will roll up detectives investigate / elaborate; operating  like First 48 up in Louisville , so what's the deal?  where were the ballistics?

I see some balling with fanatics rolling like Tucker Carlson!! soon falling due to their antics; damn!! why did it end this way?

Here in Atlanta? we're not calling it but still doing the mathematics, observing the scene; seeing how another will play!!

Here in Atlanta? besides planes headed to Hartsfield Jackson Airport flying over my airspace leaving chemtrails the coping strategy fails; dramatics occurred due to the fake Craiglist deal; no merchandise meant to be sold!

Who'll understand a brotha who's wise to the set up? who'll be fair with us? oh, on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday we can be blessed in the city and the field!! Craiglist pimps even come up!! said the game was meant to be sold!

We're staying on point!! pimping like Mr Nancy on American Gods while in Venezuela citizens will avoid fancy Venezuelan and American squads rolling like the Beatles ready to start a revolution? 

We're staying on point, but it's not a simple thing like Nancy Pelosi and Trump impeachment but we'll keep playing; catch us out in those streets, bear witness to the evolution..

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