Friday, March 15, 2019


Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; that's the business that gets handled..

Plus the Friday Feeling is exhibited as we deal with it; what? that ill business!! from Christchurch in New Zealand to here in the ATL it gets handled..

Doing things my way after I pray; Lord Help!! God / Christ blessing the work after prayer warriors anointed it with zeal; now all weapons formed against us won't prosper, they'll fail, mentioned by Ray Lewis after the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl back in the day..

A good Flashback Friday reference; providing receipts not acting brand new with this, that's not how we roll!! you feel me?

That's the deally, as I take it back in the day; listening to BOOM BAP 90'S RAP UNDERGROUND provided by Lou Dav...

That's the deally!! check out the playlist and the mix and the beats  / boom / bap!! on a Flashback Friday? we're back in those 90's again!!  this is how we're trying to behave!!

00:00 abdominal - urban hermit 
04:26 criminal tactics
07:30 blaque spurm - nonoxynol 
12:04 hardwe're - pressure 
15:41 deep in da circule - so where i live at
20:11 olori rock- don't test me
22:18 trybal men- down like That 
25:46 obscure disorder - lyrically exposed 
29:32 creative ft hi tech - the presentation 
33:45 count bass d - violatin the mighty remix
36:27 breez evahlowin- grain

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