Saturday, March 16, 2019

How Were They Trying To Play? PT.2

How were they trying to play? were performances dominant like Duke's Zion Williamson? 

Going in / getting it in but circumstances were debatable; being built or torn down? how were they dealing?

Some are feeling the pressure again, fooled!! like by Russian hacking but we're back on the set again on a Saturday Morning..

How were we trying to play? O-Zone is serving these Saturday Thoughts that are appropriate for any day while O-Dog launched Sonic Assaults as the sound will play!! opposition provided to those "buking and scorning"

The Spring Equinox is a week away but it's a cold Saturday Morning in Atlanta, is it like the world? checked the persona, Iceberg Slim said he meant to be cold, plus that's word from Ice Cube and even Ice-T!

Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday references but out here in these streets there's no benevolence; back stabbers stick the knife in so who's suffering setbacks? damn!!  now they're trying to come back like Vanilla Ice will be!

How were they trying to play? it's rough out here!! swagger jackers said the price will be steep if you want your style back!

How were they trying to play? O-Jays dagger stackers knew the scoop but wont give you your file back!

How were they trying to play? capers were pulled, haters dipped in the Jaguar!! they left you about a mile back!!

Papers were pulled, soon forged or altered!! you tried to haggle with them like Michael Cohen or Roger Stone but they wont give you the file back..

How were they trying to play? inspired by Tucker Carlson or Candace Owens a joker down in Christchurch / New Zealand set evil plans in motion; one plays Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones, talking about there's no satisfaction!

How were they trying to play? another Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday reference? gamblers out for a fast buck were starting it with zest / zeal!! somebody will become a "mark" or  "vic"; spotted the trick staggering out of Village West apartments off Muhammed Ali in Louisville; baffled after he was gaffled / caught up in the action!!

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