Monday, March 18, 2019

How Were They Trying To Play? PT.3

It's still going down on this Monday Morning; I'm still "peeping game" wondering how these jokers are trying to play..

It's still going down on this Monday Morning!! some aren't awake or they're running late; sleeping in the game in more ways than one? how were they trying to play?

Out early on a Monday Morning; 5 / 6 am; spotted Uber and Lyft drivers going in / getting it in already!! just trying to make a living while others were suffering!! reminded me of when I played the big bodied Checker Cab up in Louisville back in the day..

Like Lyft IPO's are some being built or torn down per debatable circumstances? recognized the paradigm shift from the Louisville days / ways  to these ATL days / ways

In Louisville? Fort Knox soldiers were told to stay away as Louisvillian / Louisvillains got their hustle on!! but some were ready to play, soon caught up in the heart of it..

What's the deal? O-Dizzle goes hard,  the beat knocks the good music will play!! getting down!! CDs in the hooptie were the concealed weapons "all up in glove compartments"

Real Deal Holyfield is the expression like I was still back in the 90's; told some "don't start it / none and there won't be none"; it's not natural like blackbirds falling from the sky!!

Real Deal Holyfield!! why were they stressing this? they should want no part of it; it's not natural like somebody saying they don't Believe In God; man please!! why ask why?

Real Deal Holyfield? God is blessing this, so how were some trying to play?

Blessed in the city and the field per Fred Hammond, per Music Monday? we're jamming per our motto; "Let The Music Play"

Blessed in the city and the field!! let us pray is the move and then we'll keep it moving!!

Monday motivation provided in these Monday Thoughts as we drop this good word and the sonic assaults; how were others trying to play? good? evil? peep game as they're showing / proving..

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