Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How Were They Trying To Play PT.5

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza but we'll take a moment to pause for the cause..

How were we trying to play? setting the O-Dog Day Party off early, who'll work with me? beats will bump and somebody will understand a brotha when this good word is dropped!! the universe is vast / large..

How were they  trying to play? I told them don't start with me!! who else spars or shadow boxes with demons? can't shake them off /  in need of an exorcist? 

Is it as simple as Acts 16 :16-18 as these jokers keep hating!!  rolling like Demon Deacons from Wake Forest out here acting fake in the Banylon Forest; who's passing the collection plate? testing it.

How were we trying to play / act?  wasn't debating /  stressing it God is in control blessing it while  rolling through the wilderness / the forest; Republicans like Trump wanting to repeal Obamacare aka Babylonians and the Pharisees even said I  bit the hand that fed me!

How were they  trying to play? you know they won't play fair with these!! I wasn't trusted, might have told you I'm rocking the baldy but the persona is how a dread's will be.

Rastafarian? not holding my breath until everything is fair again but was it ever?  others acting like, what part of the game is that?

A nefarious one is just a devil's advocate!! like Geraldine and Flip Wilson the devil gets blamed for that!

Or maybe Obama per Mitch McConnell, they should be ashamed of that!! but there's no shame in the game.

How were they  trying to play?  peeping game from the ghettos to the so called corridors of's all  the same.

How were they  trying to play? they're all lame was heard from my constituents when referencing  William Barr and  Robert Mueller mentioning no collusion...

There's no exoneration, these jokers are game playing with that strategy that  launched  the Iraq War!! peep game, that's what they're using!!

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