Sunday, March 3, 2019

Cinematic Orchestra Feat. Tony Allen - Brotherhood

Sunday Jazz Continues, excuse us as we follow those principles to the fullest...

Sunday? besides gospel music jazz is appropriate!! vote for it!! the sonic caper? we'll pull this!!

How will this son of God play? dropping this gospel and the sound, we didn't taper off! full steam ahead through this month of March and beyond!!!

Check it out son, it's not odd how some will play!! they'll declare a National Emergency like Trump without support from their own team; meanwhile we'll drop these mathematics out here in the mainstream, check this good word and the sound...

Irrational? that's not how the work will be as beats bump, as we listen to the Cinematic Orchestra Feat. Tony Allen with a track called  Brotherhood

Local National International and Intergalactic when we come back with it!! check the style son, just a brotha from the hood!!

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