Thursday, March 14, 2019

How Were They Trying To Play?

It's going down on this Throwback Thursday, but of course we'll go back to the future...

Don't get me wrong!! per Thursday Thoughts I go back over previous episodes but soon a dude is into other modes as he rolls back to the future!

We're out here dealing with trolls with tropes acting brand new with ya!! they'll have you caught out there like Paul Manafort..

How were they trying to play? false hopes and empty promises when the arch nemesis came on the premises? I mentioned earlier, we're staying on point in this sport!!

How were they trying to play? false positives cause hopes to diminish during the ongoing scrimmage!! per Throwback Thursday? it's going down from the basement to Stairways To Heaven like Led Zeppelin or even the O-Jays version; how were we working?  getting  to the root of this after jumping to conclusions! 

Per Throwback Thursday, how were we working? back in the day rolling sevens or elevens in Louisville /  Newburg Park crap games!!  fast forward to today per the Georgia Lottery;  hitting jackpots? part of a brotha's illusions? 

Per Throwback Thursday, or any day the dollar and a dream concept  clouds minds!!  word from J Cole, so how were some trying to play / roll ?  out here contributing to the confusion and frustration? 

Holla if you hear me!! like Syria  feeling the artillery, some might have been caught up in an unpleasant situation!!

How were they trying to play? the styler or profiler was even cloud computing!! glamour shots stored for the next portfolio? 

How were they trying to play? racial profilers will have my folk stranded in gangsta or ghetto paradises like Coolio!

So whatcha know? the breakbeat scientific  style is in full effect, act like you knew a bro!! messages are put in the music..

Dipping Through at a High Velocity with the Throwback Thursday Edition,  on a mission like Smokie!! down I-20 in Atlanta we'll cruise with it..

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