Friday, October 13, 2017

The Outback Chronicles (It's Rough Out Here)

Once again it's on!! man, like Trump vs Obamacare it's rough out here!!  check out this episode of the Outback Chronicles.

It's going down!! outback / out there, mind wandering / wondering why jokers won't play fair;  damn!! so how was I supposed to respond to those? 

Damn!! like North Korea Rocket Men red ants built a fortress in the Freddie Hubbard Red Clay

...dominant down here in Georgia;  why did they start with a bruh?  I had to pull out the ant spray. 

Damn!! were they sprayed like innocent bystanders in Las Vegas by a Stephen Paddock type of madman? 

Damn !! sprayed like innocent bystanders over in the hood by Chevy Impala or Dodge Charger driving wannabe made men?

Foul with ya? it's rough out here in Dodge City!! charge it to the game, but not the throwing shade man!! the Solar Eclipse already did that. 

...Plus we had the Fall Equinox so outback? this dude rocks!! this dude was trimming bushes and the lawn mower was running over anthills like jokers heading for the hills,  after they did that. 

Looking for help from the hills per Psalm 121? once again it's on!!  please!! even to pay bills it's rough out here. 

Crooks were up in this thing talking about Kill Bill;  I told you it's rough out there...

Hook lines and his own beats? O-Dog will respond after he tried to chill outback, but soon realizing there's too much work to be done...

Books on my mind?  a host of ideas running through my head!! released after being outback cutting grass and trimming bushes; it's rough out here son!!

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