Monday, October 23, 2017

The Hot Messenger Is Back PT 4

Have a seat, do the knowledge like studying unclassified documents released by Trump regarding the John F Kennedy assassination.

The mothership gets good mileage,  rocking it!! we're trying to get over the hump per some next level classification

Another hot mess? a brotha gets breakbeat scientific but haters were knocking the hustle!! the next devil's elaboration threatens a Season of War

That's word from Steve Bannon,  plus George Bush?  he was attacking!! check the treason,  for the course that's par. 

The hot messenger is back but on the way back did love abandon me per Rose Royce?  naw!!  Scorpio Season is on the course so we play it like Tiger Woods when he was in his prime.

Rolling down I-20 in the hooptie,  no Rose Royce!!  it's tight in these hoods,  apparently it's not that time. 

Truth be told? oh yes, I told you it's tight in these hoods! if it's not this or that crime it's something else!!

The hot messenger is back!! is it a crime per Sade that we continue to play? back in the day the old school Baptist preacher encouraged me, he told me to go on with my bad self!!

The hot messenger is back!! Supreme Courage is exercised!!  a dude is analog and digital crate digging pulling something funky off the shelf plus dropping this good word..

Those that stress didn't back down!! per Trump and Kim Jong Un , plus dealing with ISIS we here of wars and rumors of war;  what? maybe you were just reading the sports page, you ain't heard? 

Those that stress didn't back down!! we're trying to get over the hump but during the crisis characters are defamed like John Kelly going at Rep. Frederica Wilson, but like I said earlier for the course that's par, so act like you knew..

Of course haters raised the bar, but this hot messenger / spiritual warrior not a worrier will jump over it like Edwin Moses did those hurdles, with intentions of going far!! we're just doing what we do!!

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