Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Hot Messenger Is Back PT.6

They said this was a hot mess! naysayers said it has to be good!!  bizarre and intoxicating. 

Just call me the hot messenger!! prayers are sent up, it's all good!! blessings that were sent down were liberating. 

Players in the so called justice system were deliberating / litigating; the apparatus is still hating; damn!!  not guilty is heard from Baltimore to Ferguson!

Players balled like Lonzo, but you know how it go!!  others were hating!! they're mad when they see you swerving!

Mad at God like Bill O'Reilly?  what it do? crooks at Sinclair Broadcasting extending a lifeline, so what will the style? Mother Jones mentioned lethal doses so what's the prognosis? we analyzed the situation per observing the scene. 

...Soon the squad is ready to roll,  were on our way with this hot message!!  but you know  dangers are seen and unseen. 

It's going down from Niger to the ATL, will the coping strategy fail?  Trump gave the generals some leeway.

It's going down with State Farm,  per the Georgia automobile insurance shady dealing; damn, it's foul!!  so now I roll with Shaq and The General in Atlanta dipping down I-20.

It's going down!! issues are foreign and domestic!! dude said it's hard out here for a player after Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment charges..

It's going down!! pressure is felt like Trump / Russia /  election interference investigations; even if a player is fresh and clean like OutKast!! to the game they'll make charges!! 

Mamby Pamby Land residents mentioned by the Geico Sarge will fast and pray for a better outcome...

Damn!! the hot messenger had to bring it back!! O-Dizzle even had to pull out the drum!!

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