Monday, October 30, 2017

The Hot Messenger Is Back PT. 7

The hot messenger is back!! I'm rolling with  "making a way out of no way makers" :  we'll bump heads with naysayers.

A hot mess with this? fakers found out we're way way out there!!  some might even say we're movers and shakers after the Lord answers prayers!! 

Nothing to prove to these fakers! we're beat breakers, plus the English is also broken.

Destroyed, but rebuilt!!  playing these hands that are dealt, we're staying in motion!! 

Sonic troops were deployed!! back up in the game after I was chilling out taking a break / taking my time;  the matriarch said you can't rush perfection. 

Out here in the void / the grey area!! Paul Manafort / Rick Gates shady dealing out here in Babylon? oh yes! even on Panola Road out here off of I-20 in Atlanta I see some rush through the intersection.   

They were trying to slide through the void / portal but gates were closing as the light was yellow turning red!! the good fellow /  wannabe dread was pulled over by authorities who were posted up. 

As this hot messenger slides through the portal insights are dropped!!  I was just trying to tell them something but cigars were smoked, runny yellow eggs were ate, coffee was drunk and the bread was toasted up 

A hot mess as comedians roasted some up in this piece? please!! even Chris Christie said the Robert Mueller investigation is no joke..

What's impeding us? please!! due to the opioid crisis Trump declares an emergency!! who has the gist of the operation as  Chinese fentanyl was brought in by the drug mule going for broke?  
The hot messenger is back!! who'll work with me? I told some "I ain't fooling with y'all":  broken beats and English is now the basis..

A hot mess when I came back, once again? I guess this is what the case is.. 

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