Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Combo Meal PT.3 (The I-20 and Outback Chronicles

Check out this combo meal per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! it's  like you were in the drive-thru at McDonald's  / Wendy's / or Burger King..

What's the deal? check out these I-20 and Outback Chronicles; what's the response to these and those? who'll work with this Scorpion King?

The sport is complex, everything is not working!! some will get hurt like Gordon Hayward, meanwhile some are out here in the hood acting wayward..

The sport is complex, everything is not working!! some will be banned from the sport like Colin Kaepernick due to collusion like Trump Russia , with Jeff Sessions so what's up bruh? check out these sessions!! we'll drop the beats and this good word!!

You heard? we had work to do!! we were outside;  outback on some outback chronicles type of business!

Still outside the box;  out of it like naysayers say?  they know nothing about this type of business! 

Outside raking leaves, as nature plays with us;  when I get the leaves up? cool Northwest winds blowing into Atlanta blows some more down. 

Outside where a fake one deceives like Trump phones calls to La David Johnson's widow; we get more stress from them!!  you know that's how they get down! 

Soon the work outside is complete!! we got over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza!!  inside of coffee filled chambers the spirit thanks the Lord for blessings that are undeserving. 

Soon? a dude is back out in the street,  going off will be the business!! on I-20 in Atlanta a dude was swerving. 

Soon? observing the scene, ready to roll, I'm on the way!! I'm back on the scene like Kyrie Irving back in Cleveland..

Winning? losing? life will roll on!! we kept it moving down I-20 in Atlanta, still swerving!! doing what we believe in..

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