Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Hot Messenger Is Back PT.2

Once again it's on!! check out this word from the hot messenger. 

Another hot mess for ya?  soon, no longer delivered per AOL Instant Messenger? 

They had a good run,  but like I said before?  once again it's on! 

...Another episode after reaching the threshold in the danger zone? 

No Kool and The Gang celebrations,  or like the upcoming Diwali. 

It's cool!! it's the Festival Of Lights!! put onto the game by my Hindu /  Indian friends!  meanwhile O-Dog will hook up the blends, check out what the style will be

She was cool; who? a few years ago,  my sister dipped through Decatur Georgia in the Denali,  now it's R.I.P. :  she's gone home,  plus GMAC with their slick asses took the vehicle. 

She was cool!!  lives were blessed, so what's the deally? G-O-D or the Lord will use us as an instrument or a vehicle

O-D-O-G arrives with the hot mess after the smoke cleared!! it's no joke, my kind are feared like Trump with no rebuttal to Eminem..

The Captain's Log is updated by this hot messenger after a brotha steered the mothership back to earth!! he wasn't through dealing...

What's up dog? Harvey Weinstein types through pimping? the House of Cards will tumble like with Rick Pitino...

No slick lawyers like mine named Weinstein?  jokers will try to ride off into the sunset; Clint Eastwood, Gran Torino? 

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