Thursday, October 5, 2017

Full Moon Madness : Libra / Aries Edition

Caught in a moment of time, critical stage of development? dropping the details but the devil was in them / it,  so I'll just drop a few of these good words.

Caught up in some Full Moon in Aries madness?  the evil opponent is on it!! from Las Vegas to your place of residence check the increase in devil's advocates!! far from good herds!! 

Caught up in the system / matrix run by The Pharisees?  who's fair with those and these? 

Caught up in an unpleasant situation? some are like Sun in Libra constituents compromising with those and these!!

Throwback Thursday mental illustrations remind me of  the hood hurdles that were jumped over, like I was Edwin Moses

It's easy to get caught out there like Atlanta City Council members getting jacked!!  some slacked but I told you the devil opposes. 

Lessons were taught out there so this prose is revolutionary;  who'll understand a brotha as I council constituents of the Institute of Breakbeat Scientific Studies?

..Not opposed to the evolutionary process,  change is inevitable!! per Rick James on some Throwback Thursday business  I break out of L7 square!!  I got off of I-20 in Atlanta, now I'm up on I-85; might even holla at some new buddies. 

Meanwhile,  I mentioned that the devil is opposed!! a hater bloodies the set like it was Stephen Paddock on Las Vegas Boulevard. 

Check the style, even though a hater will knock it like Kellyanne Conway blaming Obama for bump stock availability!! I'm  playing it from Broadway in Louisville to the Fourth Ward in Atlanta down on Boulevard.

Check the style;  beats bump,  O-Dog will rock but it's hard on the boulevard!!  its rough out here from Puerto Rico to the I-10 corridor,  from Baton Rouge to Beaumont to Houston.

The chain of events surrounding the Full Moon in Aries are reminding us we're still subject to the authority!!  RICO charges trumped up by the apparatus that wants to see us losing? 

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