Monday, October 16, 2017

The Hot Messenger Is Back PT. 3

 The passages were rough,  plus they're enhanced by commotions!!  otherwise known as setbacks and obstacles!! check how notions were interrupted.

The hot messenger is back, but the messages were mixed just like the emotions!! so called wise guys fronted like Steve Bannon per a Season Of War!! just  letting us know they're corrupted. 

Some were bragging and boasting  like Donald Trump about having this and that situation under control, but I see it's otherwise.

We're dragging and dropping plus cutting and pasting  this good word plus the beats will bump!! w're rolling with the rebuttal to the wise and otherwise. 

Dragging back past concepts; back in the day?  Pops told me to watch out for the wise and otherwise!! so who's for or against them?

Scattering forces included those who're back in the way;  some of them said if you can't beat them join them.

Scattering? of course some were as truck bombs exploded in Somalia meanwhile back at home some will get foul with ya!!  infiltration of the system or it will it be vice versa like Black Lives Matter vs  Cointelpro?

The hot messenger is back on the case like Truck Turner in pursuit of the pimpmobile!! back in the way? naw!!  the system will anoint them and those!   spilling oil,  so whatcha know? 

Some Keep On Trucking like Eddie Kendricks!! they kept it pimping like Harvey Weinstein! spilling oil like the Gulf of Mexico was jacked up a few years ago?

These days? some pumped brakes like Bendix!!  the Gulf of Mexico was full of storms!!  the summer of 2017 was rough,  so whatcha know? 

The Hot Messenger Is Back!! we continue to flow down the stream of consciousness,  rocking a lime green safety vest. 

The Hot Messenger Is Back!! the saga / struggle continues!!  a black man can't get any rest. 

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