Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Hot Messenger Is Back PT..5

The hot messenger is back!! we're doing what we do!! we might even play it like Sen. Jeff Flake did.

A hot mess? we refuse to go along with the program run by those  faking the funk,  plus endorsing what the fake did

A hot mess? pump your brakes kid, we did!!  we even took another route, now we're on our way!! 

Humpday Extravaganzas are underway!!  O-Dizzle has the street funk, check the hooklines and his own beats!!  so let the music play.

Getting over the hump? what's the dizzle?  somebody will understand a brotha as this street poetry is on display.

Getting over!!  dumping these breakbeat scientific particles into the streets / universe is how we play.  

God particle per the Large Hadron Collider?  it's not odd, like Trump tweets concerning Sen. Flake and Sen. Bob Corker  jokers were hating on these freedom riders. 

Don't start with a bro!!  debating irrelevant issues,  then start snitching!! popping the cork?  now those folk are ready to ride on us. 

No where to run or hide bro!! sharks and piranhas were in the treacherous waters..

How were you trying to slide bro? like Bill O'Reilly having nerve enough to be mad at God, when were all blessed by the Heavenly Father? 

The hot messenger is back,  letting my constituents know what it do!!

A hot mess with this / just some cons trying to do this?  naw bro!! that's not how we do...

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