Friday, August 5, 2016

The Outback Chronicles (Snake In The Grass Reflections)

Once again it's on!! this is another edition of the Outback Chronicles. 

The snake in the grass theory mentioned by Midnight Star  is pondered; rectified with the $99 Walmart lawn mower that barely runs?  the response to these and those?

Shadetree mechanic style per the super glue and duct tape? I had to laugh.

Fanatics flex due to corrupt state endorsements!!  complex is how the sport gets,  but I had this math. 

Moving forward!! I had a path through the tall grass, as I deal with the snake in the grass!

..Like swinging a machete through the Babylon wilderness, if you don't know what the deal is then take a class!! 

No London or German knife attacks I'm too cool for that!! I cue up tracks so some can shake their ass on the dance floor.

.. Swinging a Sonic Blackjack, we go on with that!! as we even the score. 

Outdoors /  outback trimming bushes / cutting grass!! scoring points against the snake in the grass!!

....In more ways than one, refusing to come undone!! we make it last. 

Moving forward, let go of the past!! the Smoke Cleared!! plus all the tall grass is cut... 

Now we can spot all the snakes, similar to these jokers that are fake thinking they're important...

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