Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Atmosphere Shifted PT. 6 (Here We Go Again)

The Atmosphere Shifted; damn!! here we go again!!  I can feel it coming. 

Priorities shifted; now O-Zone will jam!! this good word is dropped and  somebody might feel O-Dog's drumming

Territories shifted into a state of emergency!!  walls being built per Trump? we're even out here trying to hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! the smoke and fog is coming,  mirrors were used to manipulate the situation.

Jokers tell stories,  still mentioning  Benghazi and Clinton e-mails,  while the coping strategies fail in this and that situation. 

Jokers like me are considered fugazi, crazy like Chris Brown? we take the instigation and use it as a writing prompt. 

...Mentioned Reading the TelePrompTer in previous episodes now I'm in discreet modes rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to The Brothers Johnson with Stomp. 

The atmosphere shifted!! I didn't stomp on the yard due to information overloads!! like ATL jackers throwing Smirnoff Ice bottles out the windows of Dodge Chargers and Challengers;  street codes were followed.

Priorities shifted!! didn't answer to the worshipful master in the red hat at the lodge!! we're in the lab working on vinyl and cassette masters after getting the hell outta Dodge!! we're cutting them up,  dropping street funk!!  easy on the cut no mistakes allowed. 

....Word from Eric B and Rakim!!  Eric B is president?  I'm voting for him,  better than the other choices. 

You feel me?  we're rocking!! but some probably don't,  fascinated by the other voices.

The atmosphere shifted; damn!! here we go again!!  taking other courses of action we decided upon. 

The atmosphere shifted; the old hip hop cliche comes to mind; once again it's on!

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