Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Live Broadcast PT. 5 (Technical Difficulties)

Broadcasting live from a remote outpost!!  but sometimes, like the Donald Trump campaign?  we experience technical difficulties. 

All the way live like Lakeside!! but we didn't brag or boast like Trump!! soon jokers question the abilities. 

#ATLlife?  the fake ride like they're important,  but they're just another brick in the wall like the Pink Floyd old school rock song

...Or they're just a number with toil and strife ready to take them under!!  damn!! being in between a rock and a hard place is wrong!!

The live broadcast goes down,  but naysayers say my pace is wrong!!  I'm supposed to ride / go all out like I was in The Suicide Squad!! supposed be a *don't stop get it getter*

The live broadcast goes down but naysayers say my face is wrong per my complexion!!  now I'm caught out in the inclement weather

....Experiencing technical difficulties!!  if it ain't one thing or another per Richard Dimples Fields.

... Experiencing technical difficulties!!  tested in the wilderness /  out in these fields. 

The suspense and drama builds!! it's sick like the Zika Virus, will it hit the Rio Olympics?   finding out mamby- pamby land was an illusion? 

The suspense and drama builds per the live broadcast!! check the dynamics!!   breakbeat science is what we're using. 

The suspense and drama builds,  per cruising the universe in the mothership..

On this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday? hunger and thirst will be the fuel!! breakbeat scientific is how a brotha will get..

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