Monday, August 15, 2016

The Live Broadcast PT. 10 (The Concept Finale)

Check out this live broadcast!! oh yes!! broadcasting live from a remote outpost in the Atlanta suburbs...

Sounds bumping at the podcast, plus this good word is dropped; not bragging like Gus and Herbs...

Doctor O!! who said I wasn't natural with these herbs, tonics and elixirs? organic!!  check the mixtures and scriptures..

Whatcha know? I "holla atcha" with word on the curb / word in the wind blends after Reading The TelePrompTer / looking at big and little pictures...

Reality is prompt with ya!! from #LouisianaFloods to the drama in Milwaukee hoods there's always going to be something!!

Reality is prompt with ya!! while I-10 meandering I was caught in storms from Mobile to Baton Rouge, I knew it could get rough down that way!!  plus, a week ago while listening to Rev. Al Sharpton's radio show a caller mentioned that Milwaukee residents were on edge; tired of Sheriff David Clarke and his shenanigans /  ain't that something??

Reality is prompt with ya!! soon leaving Leo season moving to Virgo: winds of change blowing, a new season, new reason?  per this live broadcast we rebuke a blue ribbon panel, corporate board and a state, city or county commission!!

Reality is prompt with ya!! back for more per the Leo's Sunshipp or soon leaving on the Train Called Freedom per the South Shore Commission?
 We're on a mission!! The melting pot is boiling...on top of the stove!! a warlock, witches or a bitches brew?

..Like the Miles Davis will I behave with this? ditches wait on a foul one, so I act like I knew.

Check The Live Broadcast!! The Concept Finale!! but the conflict is not final!! I'm preparing myself for the next episode!! mudslides after the quake per dealing with a fake? I'm governing myself accordingly.

...Line wasn't borrowed from today's corporate type preacher / it was borrowed from an old school baptist preacher, teaching us where the boundary or border will be.

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