Monday, August 8, 2016

The Live Broadcast PT. 6 (Seasons / Reasons)

It's going down, your dude is broadcasting live from a remote outpost in Atlanta. 

Also know as Atlantis, maybe somebody will understand this! a naysayer said it's a bunch of jive! they didn't understand a brotha!!

...Even called me a jive turkey and said they couldn't work with me,  like the GOP vs Donald Trump

I arrive safely on the mothership,  now your dude will get breakbeat scientific!!  dropping this good word and the beats will thump

...Not on a bully pulpit or stump!! we're chilling as seasons / reasons change. 

Back to school in the #ATL;  some act a fool, soon they'll fail!! oh yes!! those so called players were  chasing the daughter of chaos when Cameo said she was strange.

But they like it in their *Larry Blackmon voice*   oh yes!! that's how the rest of the song went!!

But they like it!  oh yes!! some like chaos and confusion!! progress? they'll circumvent. 

But excuse me as I vent with this live broadcast, just call this breakbeat scientific troubleshooting...

Oh yes!! trying to solve problems like Delta and their grounded flights!!  but some like the trouble, they're out here robbing / looting!!

...Some are even truth disputing!! dealing with truth or reality as they know it...

We let the people know what's up per this live broadcast!! we at least act like we know it!!


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