Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Atmosphere PT.3 (The HumpDay Extravaganza)

We're out here getting breakbeat scientific with a limited return on our investment, collecting pennies for my thoughts.

Why are we here like the London Elektricity joint?  we're not the ones they'll anoint!! they ask, what's your point? we retaliate with Sonic Assaults...

From Milwaukee to London they're disrespecting me and my kind!! can Trump fix it?  please!! life is hectic / chaotic!! if the economics were straight we wouldn't have the Total Chaos!!

Outraged by the destruction? I'm outraged by the corruption!! corporations parked profits offshore then act like they've taken a loss..

Like Aetna leaving Obamacare because of opposition to the Humana purchase my intuition is working overtime!!  the atmosphere is shifting!! now like storms in  Louisiana, leading to floods the winds of change are blowing all around me.

Chilling, after I went there!! a brotha is cooling out /  thawing out just like players from the Himalayas due to global warmng?  issues? getting over mine!! but they said I was acting strange when they found me.

But have they actually found me?  the atmosphere is shifting!!  my body is in one place, but my mind is gone!

The atmosphere is shifting!! Spirit, heart and soul floating through the galaxy!!  get free / stay free!  left earth for a minute or two!! how they treat my kind is wrong.

The atmosphere is shifting!! winds were strong as the mothership landed back on earth!!  lights blinked on the instrument panel!! was I in the Lion's Den like Daniel?

 The atmosphere is shifting, it's the Lord's dealings per Jason Nelson!! refusing to fail son!! business will get handled!!

 The atmosphere is shifting!! that's what I had to tell them son / daughter!! my peeps were caught out there!! we had to drop this 

Even though it's unconventional, for some it's hard to follow Geneva Convention rules!! I see how they're living..

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