Saturday, August 13, 2016

Deep House Lounge Music Chill Playlist by DJ JaBig (Studying, Working, Relaxing, Cleaning)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon: your dude is in the lab chilling out..

Digital / Analog? manipulating sounds / tunes!! fixing the attitude, your dude is chilling out...

 It's going down; morphed into the afternoon, it's the real thing out here!!

We  #PrayForLouisiana , understand a bruh?   rebuking fearing / scorning it's all love / smitten, we swoon even though it's rough out here!!

We take it there!! listening to the Deep House Lounge Music Chill Playlist by DJ JaBig (Studying, Working, Relaxing, Cleaning) 

We take it there!! we're off into the mix!! reflecting / contemplating on that and this!! check out the playlist and the mix!! this operation? it has spiritual meaning....Let's Go!!

Playlist Tracklisting:

Remember Me (Mr.V De Ja Vu Main Mix) DeepCitySoul feat. Rainy Payne
An Invitation Home & Garden Feat Nkemdi
Fade Away (Original Mix) NutownSoul
My World (Coltrane Spoken Word Mix) Paso Doble Ft Amera Light
Dance 4 You (C-Major SA Deeper Mix) ChiProfess, Cortney LaFloy
Romantic Misery (Main Mix) Dufablesoul
Ubuthakathi (Siphiwe's Newtral Dance Mix) Sonz Of Afrika
Louder (Soulface Remix) Monocles, Precious Maleho
Sublime Interpretation (Main Mix) Stereo Tone
Groovy Mood (Original Mix) Lavista D
Louder (Oral Deep Remix) Monocles, Precious Maleho
Ellipsis (Rascu Main Mix) Serenaded Soul
Nguwe (Lynn Dwellers Intoxicated Mix) Young DJ, Nancy M
Romantic Misery (Main Mix) Dufablesoul
What It Means (Jose Marquez Remix)

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