Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Live Broadcast PT. 4 (Business As Usual)

 What it do? check out this live broadcast, this is business as usual for a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, as we try to determine the perspective...

What it do? oh!! it's business as usual!! at my satellite staion I mentioned a fresh view / fresh vision / fresh perspective...

Oh yes!! positive or negative?  this is business as usual, so what it do? at our intergalactic radio station  we'll still send messages in the music.

Fanatics like Donald Trump vs The Khans disrespected, others are acting unusual!! excuse a dude for being spatial!! some come out this way like it's a joke, but in Babylon? we see what it do!!  some are confused about that and this.

Humping per the HumpDay Extravaganza with fanatics seeing us struggle!! they're amused by it!! what? the things we go through!!

Some even front about it!! like a bill collector or salesperson, acting like they know you.

Trying to flow with me and you down the stream of consciousness aka the mainstream of mathematics!! it's getting crowded out here like traffic on I-285 in Atlanta..

Check out the Live Broadcast!! whatcha know about a bro? a dude wasn't in a Lexus with Texas plates dipping down I-10 doing 100 on the way to Houston during my Gulf Coast Escapades!! I thought the crazy drivers were just in Atlanta!!

Check out the Live Broadcast!! jokers in Atlanta drive like a bat out of hell!! rolling with Hillary Clinton the devil?  rigging elections? naw!! in the ATL homie was fronting in the Dodge Charger or Challenger, but it's the same vehicle the Feds use.

Check out the Live Broadcast!! we didn't shuck and jive with this!! it's a challenge but it's breakbeat scientific business as usual!! maybe it's something you can use!!

Check out the Live Broadcast!! down I-20 in Atlanta we cruise trying to avoid Swat standoffs!
This is business as usual!! the good word is dropped and beats will blast!!  we're going off with this!! 

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