Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ghetto Editorials PT. 10 (We're Trying To Get Our Minds Right)

Positive? Negative?  *We're Trying To Get Our Minds Right* on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday...

What's the perspective? we're outraged by the destruction!!  dropping these Ghetto Editorials to let my peeps know what the news will be...

Disrespected by Donald Trump types, who's in the game trump tight? we're outraged by the corruption!! territorial disputes were misguided like turf wars by gangsters..

What's expected? jokers are humping!! working day and night like Michael Jackson for territory owned bty bankers!!

What's expected? HumpDay Extravaganza type knowledge is dropped on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday per these Ghetto Editorials dropped during the month of August..

This is the finale but understand a brotha, the style will be ongoing!! we still have to deal with descendants of Caeser, Augustus..

..kinfolk of Julius Caesar, as I rock the Caesar or even the baldy with the mentality of a dread; Bob Marley.so in some ways this is not the finale!! Trying to get my mind right!  but there's interference on the network.

Hunger, thirst plus 20-20 hindsight is the fuel!! this is not the final conflict!!  it's a Crucial Conflict like the group from Chicago!!  but  per #ATLlife we see how it go!! who's shooting up Club Crucial?  cruising up in the Cutlass Supreme  in the A-Town? dude will say he's trying to get work.

Coming through shining light!!  rocking a hardhat with the lantern on top and a lime green safety vest  in the Babylon wilderness!!  it's easy to get hurt in the darkness.

My kind aren't right?  per these Ghetto Editorials I'll have to admit it!! they're in a state of despair and turmoil due to Plan Z socio-economic conditions / reactions;  some of the family members will start a ruckus!!

Hitting hard, Chicago Bear style!! Dick Butkus, Brian Urlacher or even  though he's having hard times William Refridgerator Perry.

Whatcha know? back in day up in Louisville?  old dude was foul!! fumbling to get to the 38 in his pocket! the style? khakis, polo shirts, and topsiders by Sperry.

Trying Get Our Minds Right!! Check out The Total Chaos Mix

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