Thursday, June 5, 2014

When You Gotta Go? You Gotta Go!! PT.2

I'm all up in the spot!! the style is blue collar....but some of these  jokers were slackers!!... asleep...hiding in the restroom. 

I had to go in and drop science / turds;  now jokers have to raise up out of there like Sgt Bowe Bergdahl from Afghanistan!!  what's up man? there's no rest for the weary!! they're facing doom! 

When they gotta go?  they gotta go!!  that's the word y'all!! now clowns were racing from the restroom due to the pungent odor! 

Is this how the funk should go per extraterrestrials?  please!! old girl pulled out the Lysol with the original fragrance and starting spraying due to the pungent odor. 

We go for what we know!!  unlike Aaron Hernandez tattoos  you can't fake this!!  as we do what we do!! 

The apparatus is dysfunctional;  old girl on TARC up in Louisville with the rusty pistol in her purse said you heard this!! she said you need to act like you knew!!

She was taking Anthony Allen's advice...but actually she was similar to old girl on Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain!!  who said she's acting like she knew about the fantasy five lotto. 

She was spotted over at the Marathon station with the so called winning numbers.. she said you gotta know you gotta know! 

But life is a she's gotta go gotta go!!  right back to work!  her numbers weren't up! 

When you've gotta go?  you gotta go! I kept it moving!!  one step ahead of the corrupt. 

So what's up? I told you..when you gotta go? you gotta go!! might even have to Let It Go per the song from Frozen... 

When you gotta go? you gotta go!! unlike Rolling Stones in Israel..Pink Floyd was opposing...

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