Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Synchronization PT.4 (Wrong Measurements)

It's a big mess!! the shadetree mechanic's measurements were off!!  there was no calibration. 

....Plus hot mess participants were on the prowl like southern states and their voter ID there was no collaboration.

It's a foul situation..but measurements were taken for the championship fight!! like Muhammad Ali the champion's trainer was Angelo Dundee. 

Understand's a foul situation!! ..but pleasure and pain were present!!  plus unconventional methods were used by the wannabe Crocodile Dundee.

....while he was in the Australian Outback and NYC...but the outback chronicles made me realize it's on me!! ..but of course it's hard for my kind to go with the flow.

There's no syndication like Arsenio Hall was whatcha know? 

There's no synchronization y'all! I'm in conflict with this world..especially when  I see the system is dysfunctional.

 During ongoing situations?  pundits and so called experts try to tell O-Dizzle how the funk should go.

 I followed the instructions from extraterrestrials while on intergalactic journeys...O-Zone is going on with his bad self!!  

...Oh yeah!! he's going for what he knows!! this intelligence is not he goes on with his bad self!! 

Whose analyzing the intelligence?  were the right measurements taken? Taliban commanders exchanged for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl?

There's no synchronization..side deals appear to be cut..even Donald Sterling is getting paid after talking about y'all!! 

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