Saturday, June 14, 2014

Oh!! So It's Like That Huh!! PT. 6

It's going down!!  so what's the deal?  oh! so it's like that huh? 

It's going down like ISIS insurgents rushing through Iraq!!  some are unable to fight that bruh!! 

But we came right back with's like Donald Sterling fighting back..but those type of cats will get rebuked. 

We came right back with it!! check out how we work this thing!!  check the Sonic Assault with the bass or 808..the devils headquarters will get nuked.

We came right with it!!  check our spirit..back in the day?  we juked up in "hole in the wall"  clubs up in Louisville. 

That's per Mel Waiters..what can I tell these haters? these days?  we came to fight for it!!  whats that?  freedom!!  that's the deal. 

These days?  some are fake..that's the real!!  some are surprised by that!!..they're flabberghasted..I heard them say oh!! so it's like that..huh?

Some were misled!!   waiting in the dark!! they're mad because we brought the light back bruh!!

Spirit led this veteran in the game to starting coaching like Chuck Noll..R.I.P.

Whats the deal with it? what can I tell them? it's all I'm trying to maintain...somebody might see how I roll...they'll feel me..

Demerits were issued to those stepping out of their lane..crossing boundaries...they get rebuked like New York Rangers losing to the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup... 

Demerits were issued to those stepping out of their lane...those strangers were just a buster or herb trying to flex all in the spot..standing around with a pimp cup..

They didn't know what was up...victimized by the stripper crew up in NYC  that was preying on jokers..

This is World Cup type business!! watching Colombia handle Greece while another says please!! oh!! so it's like that huh!! that's the word from those jokers!!

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