Sunday, June 22, 2014

All Up In The Spot: I Keep Telling Them It's Rough Out Here

It's going down!!  like the renewed drama in Iraq...we're all up in the spot!!...I shouldn't have to tell you it's rough out here!!

Acting brand new? naw!! not this I borrow a line from Pops like he was back; the drama never stops!!  the saga / struggle continues. 

As I put it down like Pops and the San Antonio Spurs...but it's rough out here where the line blurs...

...out there in the grey area..last summer? I peeped game per Bay Area Scenarios...a bruh is hip to what occurs...

Please!!  it didn't stop on "Juneteenth" ...but winds continue to blow beneath our wings as we keep it moving. 

We battle the beast with the sharp teeth!! we're bubbling beneath the surface when we work this!!  O-Dizzle will keep grooving.

 ....meanwhile O-Zone will keep proving these breakbeat scientific principles.

 Danger zone business is going down!!  champions meet defeat like the Miami Heat..there are no more invincible. 

What's going on? ...check the the hustlers hustle and the players continue to play.

What's going on?  I noticed the morale was low..some didn't even know how to act on this past Father's Day.

 It's rough out here!! not too many Bill Cosby / Cliff Huxtable roles were played....check out the dismal results. 

It's rough out here!!  as I borrow this line from Pops..especially after I saw the results.

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