Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Concepts Are Combined; It's Rough / Hectic Out Here PT.2

Damn!!  I had to keep telling them!! they'll get expelled like Alex Song from knowing what they're doing?'s rough out here!! life is hectic!! 

 Damn!!  I had to keep failing them!! what?  the test the apparatus had for  Dick Cheney vs Obama about  not sending troops to Iraq they said I was wrong!! but either way?  I was disrespected. 

Damned if I did or didn't pass!!  like Dick Cheney's money coming up short because there's no war...the system will play that ass one way or another. 

We were distracted by Babylon's stimuli ...soon trying to survive..soon caught up in the system / matrix;  that's how they'll play a brother. 

Who interacted? they didn't know what to say to a brother!!  it wasn't all's  easy to see through the plot or scheme. 

Who acted like they were down for the cause?  but they want a trade like Kevin Love...they're not on our team!! 

What does it all mean?  no more Washington Redskins?  as I keep telling them!! the saga / struggle continues. 

...But were out here trying to exercise power!!  rocking these different venues.

But some abuse power like a Nazi death camp guard...they didn't realize it's the ability to help others. 

Now the masses are confused / chaotic...I told you life is hectic!!  it's rough out here for these brothas!! 

Now these classes and seminars are used to rock we put it down like this!

Now some will get a grasp of this...maybe they can wrap it around their mind...they can feel this..

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