Saturday, June 7, 2014

These Jokers Are Hilarious

Damn!!  these jokers or comedians are hilarious!!  or at least they think they are.

Meanwhile..brokers do short sales and hedge bets..those jokers are nefarious!!  who do they thing they are? 

Mr Big Stuff per the old soul song by Jean Knight?  some souls aren't strong enough to withstand the attack.

Visits to the Bluff were made by suburbanites in the ATL!!  looking for snow, weed, or crack.

 I called a joker's bluff... they didn't know I had the knack for survival!! so ruff so tuff like Roger and Zapp!!  the Louisville / Newburg upbringing  made me this way. 

...had enough of the jokers or court jesters thinking they were funny!!  as they get in the way.

 Jokers thought they were hilarious!! unlike Tracy Morgan up in Jersey in critical condition...we're praying for him...

...but actually they're nefarious!! ...rolling like Wal-Mart and Swift truck drivers on the Jersey Turnpike...similar to I-75 and I-85 down here in the ATL ...with Georgia state troopers laying for them..

...jokers have various ways, means, plots and schemes to break the hearts of the masses...they're nothing but enemy collaborators

Biased against dark skin like Kevin Hart?  come again!! are we dealing with self haters?

Issue debaters file suits  like ex-NFL players after the money is gone. 

...After they gave it in pain but not a damn thing had changed!!  what are these other jokers on?

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