Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Outback Chronicles / Putting It Down...But Damned If We Did Or Didn't

Check us out..like Lebron James as a free agent  we bring another edition of these Outback Chronicles...

Check us out...after being caught up in these games we're chilling out...outback on the deck...this is the response to these and those...

Like the I-20 Chronicles this is a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition..how are we living? some were telling me it's all love!! like I'm supposed to be smitten. 

Some were like Boko Haram in Nigeria with visions of selling me Utopia but it's far from beautiful!!  the grass is high....plus I heard somebody scream!! they were snake bitten.

You have to watch yourself in the tall grass aka out there in the street..plus Psalm 141:3 said put a watch over your mouth..so whatcha saying?

Back in the day? Pops said watch your mouth!! now I'm in the ATL / down south where the fake are living...no justice no peace should be the description. 

Who's back in the way? please!! Pops and San Antonio didn't let Miam get in the way!!  but coping strategies fail some of us!!  will we have to cancel our subscription? 

Others submission to the "powers that be"  will have them caught up in the system / matrix. 

Like the Iraqi insurgents rolling up intermission from the drama was short!!  we found out its a complex sport!! now some can't take it. 

Plus some can't break it!! what?  the cycle!!  I didn't hold my breath waiting on them to do it. 

We kept it moving!! at the moment chilling out outback trying to regroup...we're  damned if we did or didn't!!  but were acting like we knew it. 

Check these Outback Chronicles...chilling out...the antidote as I go through it...all of us are dealing with something...

These is the response to these and those...dropping this good word plus the sound that's bumping...

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