Friday, June 27, 2014

Observing The Scene / Peeping Game / Doing The Knowledge PT.3

I'm studying to show myself approved!!  I'm doing the knowledge. 

...Still dipping down I-20 in Atlanta...soon ready to roll after observing the usual the mothership gets good mileage. 

Who understands a bruh that can identify with big homie over in Decatur on Glenwood Ave?

He was "po pimping" ....rocking some run over Air Jordans  ..rolling with the broke down snow bunny following him!!  catching MARTA..supposedly working smarter not harder!!  but I've been hood!!  I know it's rough on the avenue.

Snow was on tha bluff but it's hard on the boulevard as I cruise down Boulevard in the Fourth Ward where the dope boys try to be hard. 

..Rocking V-neck T-shirts and wife beaters!!  supposedly knowing what the street does!!  trying to be hard. 

O-Dizzle is rocking...not racing another one!!  no need to catch a ride with the Russians!!  please!!  I'm cooler than that. 

Who's casing the joint?  I felt the pressure!!  some will act a fool with that. 

Iron fist?  some rule with that!! but like ISIS in Iraq the opposition will roll up.

Who's lying?  get the gist of it!!  Cleopatra and Isis types have these players losing their mind!!  they'll give control up. 

Per Janet Jackson and Control;  players couldn't keep it pimping per ATL terminology. 

Who's up in the action with the "sexploitation"  of minors?   you can tell how they work the psychology. 

The social psychology is part of the check the engineering. 

This brotha is doing the knowledge while others are loathing and fearing...


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