Monday, June 9, 2014

Danger Zone Type Of Business PT.2

Jokers were playing high post or even posted up..all up in the spot!!  but check the danger zone type business...I see the mighty will fall hard with a bang. 

...Flying high like Flight 370 from Malaysia that crashed in the Indian Ocean..supposedly the situation is strange.

 Life is strange per Cameo!!  but I like it!!  but no cameo appearances are made in these Atlanta reality shows. 

Friends and Strangers per Ronnie Laws?  some accent my flaws!!  but we'll remix check the beats and prose. 

There's no end to the danger zone type business..jokers were funny..real hilarious!!   they stumbled into the playoffs like the Indiana Pacers. 

There's no end to the danger zone business..jokers were nefarious ...going off like Jerad and Amanda Miller out in Las Vegas...

Jokers "ain't right" up in this thang!!  what are they on? they're like Republicans still trying to repeal Obamacare

We get it right!! beats check this good word as we go there. 

Check the insight..but who do you know out there? that's what they ask a bruh...

Trying to get my mind I can deal with the danger zone business...that's what's up with a brotha!!

Check how a brotha gets scientific with it...check out how this intergalactic / mothership business gets handled...

Not acting like a fanatic out here in the danger zone...showing poor sportsmanship like Steve Coburn California Chrome's owner? naw!! that's not the way business gets handled...

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