Saturday, June 21, 2014

All Up In The Spot / The Summer Solstice 2014 Edition

Were all up in the spot!! chilling out during this Summer Solstice ....down here in the Southeast / the ATL...the land of milk and honey? 

 The situation is hot like the Iraqi insurgence..check out the emergence of shady ones that'll bilk you out of your money. 

Plus Donald Sterling types will give a bruh some money and take it back with various plots and schemes...after talking about jokers like a dog!  

Check our we work this thing!!  were hot!!  not cold or lukewarm...that's word from O-Dog

Check our we work this thing!!  we issue this mission statement based on breakbeat scientific principles. 

Check our response;  still parking lot pimping..even spotted vehicles with LSU and UK stickers representing the Southeastern Conference...home of the so called "invincibles" 

Were all up in the spot peeping game!! using a fresh view / fresh vision..looking for indications. 

All up in the spot!!  a veteran in the game!!  now coaching per Pops with the San Antonio Spurs...soaking up vindication. 

We're all up in the spot!! check the syndication...from Sonic Assaults to letting you know What's Really Going On!!

Plus the funk is dropped by O-Dog ...from out on SoundClouds to over on Podcasts...once again it's on!!

We're teaching jokers a lesson...slapping them with the Sonic Blackjack like cops should have used on  Robert Zygarowski, up in Massachusetts...

Jokers are fronting and flexing but really stressing..please!! it's rough out here!! just because it's a Summer Solstice some want to act brand new with this!! 

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