Thursday, August 1, 2013

They Were Just Having A Moment

Experiencing their fifteen minutes of fame; but like A-Rod they were having a moment! 

Clearance rack epiphanies explaining this thing!! as we do the damn thing!! like Linc Hayes from Mod Squad were on it!

Any clearance for that like Edward Snowden in Russian airports? soon dipping...but once caught in a moment of time! 

Critical stages of development?  losing or winning it!! for some components led to a life of crime! 

That is for some;  is it a crime by Sade was heard in the background! 

Caught in a moment of time;  crashing like Asiana Airlines in San Francisco!! the luggage is stolen...then get called out of your name;  jokers didn't want to back down! 

Opponents get hit up with mine;  the Sonic Assault!! I couldn't turn the track down it was bumping! 

Some will get whats coming to them;  karma will track them down the middle of the week its humping! 

As we continue bumping heads like Rams against the apparatus!

As we proceed and continue;  jokers were Donald Trumping!! blame it on the Aries Rams part of the Uranus Pluto square affecting the Capricorn / Cancer axis! 

Now jokers are trumping up charges like against Burrell Ellis in Dekalb; others dip in fast trucks per Dodge Rams...just gamblers out for fast bucks! 

Young black males shot in the street!!  George Zimmerman types were just having a moment;  now check the momentum from LA to Oakland..check out the ruckus!

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