Sunday, August 4, 2013

All Is Well? Please! Life Is Hectic!

Whats the deal? for some life is hectic...others told me all is well;  but now terrorists threaten US embassies and consulates..whats up with this?  will things end well? 

...many obstacles, pitfalls, and bad breaks are on the path;  its easy to get suspended like Alex Rodriguez..its not hard to fail! 

We continue rocking these and those;  breakbeat science is going down!! out here in the mainstream of mathematics! 

Doing the knowledge..will it qualify man for sanctification?  assuming authority like Hasan Rouhani in Iran or running things like Robert Mugabe? who knows!! its like in Sanford Florida...a jury of our peers were a bunch of fanatics! 

Reality and fantasy were mashed up;  UN sanctions for those acting erratic like North Korea and Iran?

Whats really going on?  per grey area / bay area scenarios...please!! epiphanies on the clearance rack were "smashed up and grabbed up"  like ATLiens putting in justice no peace for ya man! we deal with these!! all is well?  I don't will it work for these aliens?.. the mothership broke down / crashed "up in this piece"

But I'm real with these; a bruh gets scientific like the Curiosity Rover  on Mars..healing battle beats were stashed up in this piece! 

All is well?  please!! I don't is hectic!! is the game over?  as I bear witness to chaos and confusion! 

Its not hard to fail or take a loss...per Tiger Woods..but its tight in these I bear witness to winning and losing!

Its not hard to tell per Nas ...we hit pause..cruising down 580 /880 out in Oakland...West Coasting it...

All is well? please!! I know....from the ATL to the West Coast...we see how hectic life is...

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