Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Veteran Now Coaching PT.2

So whats the deal?  this is word from a veteran whose now coaching! 

 Looking at it with a fresh view or fresh vision;  not like Mark Zuckerberg...I'm not fronting...even though Armageddon is approaching! 

...Plus some are flipping out like the former teacher  in Dallas ....barbarians were approaching the gate!!  the arch nemesis is on the premises! 

Some ask where is Al Sharpton?  soon marching on Washington; what are haters starting?  they continue to show hate ..even after believing the empty promises! 

Fools rush or barge in!! considered first responders...but  it was a set up! 

Next schools were crushing them!!  trainspotters used transponders ...they were intergalactic with it....they didn't let up!

That's the response from us!! we can't let up either!!  we've come to far to turn back! 

Whats the response?  the apparatus wants us to give what we earned back!

Whats the response? based on what was learned back in the day?...Louisville / Newburg default settings will be dominant...

Sonic assaults with the blackjack will teach some a lesson...they were stressing...but bragging and boasting was the response to it...

Earlier this summer we were West Coasting..but now glitches in the matrix'll shut down things down like Wall Street..

Pitches hit some upside the head or in the jaw like Jason Heyward...  

Snitches like Bradley Manning switch gender.. meanwhile this veteran now coaching puts beats in a blender..messages are returned to sender...postal employees say they had the good word..

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