Friday, August 23, 2013

Oh!! So It's Like That Huh!? PT.3 I Can Still See Whats Up!!

Chilling out!! peeping game!! didn't have CTE like an ex-football I wasn't an ATL pimp / player...I was just observing the scene! 

Whose dealing bad cards?...gamblers out for a fast buck!!...they're rolling like the GOP threatening to shutdown the government because of Obamacare...but soon I'll be ready to roll...based on whats heard or seen!

...or experienced....I'm expecting delays and interference from these earthlings! 

Its like that!!  just like that!!  its gotta be good!! so I continue to hunt and gather..collecting what the earth brings!

So its like that huh? some sweat the technique like Eric B and Rakim told them not to... inquiring minds want to know how I work things! 

....As I put it down like this!!  retro-futuristic!!  the death and birth of things! the service desk returning worthless things!! like citizens of San Diego mad at Mayor Bob Filner...whats the deal bruh?  these epiphanies are on the clearance rack! 

Whose at your service with that or this?  the NSA gave jokers like Edward Snowden clearance for that! 

So its like that huh?  others were Strokin like Clarence Carter!!  trying to catch up on their pimping! 

So its like that huh?  others were smoking authentic and synthetic marijuana....injuries were self inflicted;  I saw some limping! 

Wishing it was a simple thing!!  but some were rolling like Oprah investing in The Butler! 

So its like that huh!! please!!  its gonna be hard to see this brotha!

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