Saturday, August 24, 2013

They Had Us On Standby

How were they trying to play us?  please!! they had us on standby! 

As the world keeps spinning;  like in Egypt ....whose losing?  whose winning?  I told some they were a damn lie! 

They were stressed!!  but bragging and boasting..of course they were the loudest in the room! 

While West Coasting we were on standby due to the Asiana Airline crash in San Francisco;  but over in Oakland they had room! 

We were put on another flight...but another "ain't right"  like the NFL vs the ESPN documentary...they told a damn lie!!  said its all good but doom and gloom was the outlook! 

The corrupt are down to Plan Z!!  now like the ATL Smash and Grab  it goes down...some are going all out with another crook! 

Like they're putting down another sky hook like Kareem Abdul Jabbar....aka Lew Alcindor!

I had hook lines and my own beats...check the street funk.. plus this good word;  I put them in a blender! 

A sonic defender swinging a blackjack!!  a hater said this is also hazardous material!

That's the response to it!!  said its also futuristic!!  but what we have is spiritual! 

Were with you!!  not acting brand new with this!!  these jokers had us on standby! 

They told us to remain calm...Obama said everything is good to go;  but Tavis Smiley said that's a damn lie!

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