Saturday, August 17, 2013

Letting Them Do What They Do PT.8 (They'll Get Whats Coming To Them)

A joker was dipping in the Astro Van with state of Washington plates on it similar to the Astro Van MC Breed said Greg Street pulled up in! 

Slipping out like Edward Snowden left the Russian airport to seek asylum in Russia... nobody's fair in this sport!! the systems mission is alt shift delete!!  that's why I'm not fooling with them!

Spaced out like Elysium!!  I'm schooling them though!! I'm teaching them a lesson with the blackjack! 

Chilled out at the Oakland Coliseum watching the A's back in the "A" ...Slick Rick the Ruler ruling them!!  but a bruh  also had a Miles Davis Bitches Brew for them...when I came back!

O-Dizzle is a jazz-funk all star!!  plus a champion!! that's due to Louisville / Newburg upbringing!

Now down here dipping down I-20..ATLiens get crunk!! but what were the bitches doing to them?  these jokers were tripping!! said they're hustling and playing!

This intergalactic alien is letting the hustlers hustle and the players play!!  while I handle breakbeat scientific business! 

The refugee status is like Wyclef and Lauren Hill back in the day ....somebody might know what the deal is! 

"Everybody ain't able"  to feel this though...that's per old girl in the back seat of the Checker Cab up in Louisville! 

Gamblers out for a fast buck deal this bad hand!!! so Plan Z was the ATL smash and grab!!  that's how some will feel! 

Its real!! its not like Huntington Beach shenanigans by a bunch of Vans wearers! 

I was over on Glenwood Rd in screech as I run the hooptie off the road into a ditch!!...hitting the brakes in a pair of Vans after jokers in the red Toyota Camry truth or dared us! 

The Lord spared us!!  as I preach this sermon using unconventional methods!

 Points are scored;  karmic repercussions are brutal..some will get whats coming to them after they disrespected! 

Points are scored;  I disconnected from the mainframe like Ohio players up in Cincy..after the Macy's Music Festival..letting honies go on I-75 outside of Dayton! 

ATL players said they were bored!! another brotha told them to keep it pimping!!  keep playing! 

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